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Aluminium  Folding Doors from IGLU ‘Continental’ folding doors create an open, flexible, modern space for both living and working environments. Designed with the input of Belgium expertise and our extensive experience in bifolding doors, we believe that this is the best all round bifolding door on the market.


This bifolding door gives you over a 90% aperture with a uniquely designed pop-out T-handle that allows for very tight stacking panels. Low threshold options for flush floor levels and reducing the step over, the ability to fully colour co-ordinate your door, Self Cleaning glass and Solar Control glass options - making these Bifolding Doors a great alternative to standard patio doors.



Let light into your life by adding an IGLU bespoke conservatory, Funky home     extension, glass house, pool house or garden studio to your home. Transform dark and dull spaces with roof lights and atriums, or let the outside in with folding sliding doors.


The only limit to what we can do with glass and aluminium is your imagination. Our designers and architects at last have the creative freedom they have long desired to create the glass structures they previously could only wish were possible. Custom aluminium extrusion and a limitless choice of colours combined with expanses of glass to really let light flood in result in bespoke structures that are the envy of all who see them.


IGLU bespoke structures perfectly complement modern life. Kitchen extensions, dining rooms, living rooms and studios have all been housed within an IGLU bespoke conservatory or modular building. Properties have been opened to the outdoors with the addition of folding sliding doors, blurring the lines between inside and out. Beautiful pool houses, inspirational glass houses, achingly elegant home extensions, all are easily achieved using IGLU to bring all the trades & suppliers together under one roof.


The quality of design, manufacture and construction of an IGLU bespoke structure is unsurpassed. Each element of the process is carefully monitored and controlled; our eye for detail is unrelenting. Our customer services standards are just as high and our approach is flexible and inclusive, allowing us to work with our customers in a way that suits them. Our starting point is always you and your requirements and wishes. The IGLU system has no standard components and is therefore not constrained by any limitations, so we can incorporate your ideas with our architectural expertise to develop a unique glass structure for you to admire and enjoy for many, many years.

Cost is not the only reason for choosing SIPs Structural Insulated Panels.  Our SIPS are extremely energy efficient, they are strong and durable, and are specifically designed to carry significant loads imposed by long, unbroken expanses.


SIPs Structural Insulated Panels come as component SIPS, or may be packaged as a complete SIP building kit. Either way, you get the highly professional results of almost a quarter of a century of dedicated research and development.


Structural Insulated Panels are made up of an energy-efficient Polyurethane foam core, enclosed in a high-density  OSB sandwich. The foam core provides super thermal insulation, while the exterior OSB skins account for the high tensile and compressive strength. This superior thermal performance of our SIPS significantly reduces heating & cooling costs, limits air infiltration and creates a quiet draft-free interior.

IGLU has an experienced team of architects & technoligists to help you fulfill your dream home aspirations.

From the initial meeting to the end product IGLU will deal with all the technicalities of a new build.

IGLU also offer their clients the option of 3D CGI Modelling which allows the viewing of the proposed new structure In 3D  walk thru imagery.

Our clients find this service very helpful & if you choose to, you can use your model to gain build prices from other builders.

The cost of this service is a fraction of what an architect would charge for technical drawings you may not understand or like.

The process of planning, building control, thermal testing & not least design is not for the faint hearted & is a minefield of pitfalls.


Architectural Services

Contemporary Modular Buildings

IGLU have a range of modular buildings that are fabricated from SIPs

Thermally very efficient allowing the use of more glass in the build.

Most of IGLU builds use cutting edge SIPs technology.

This system is sold through our network of builders & is a definate cost saving option, yet still giving that grand design look.

This type of build is time & cost effective not to mention the very positive impact on the enviroment due to their thermal efficiency,

A bespoke glass structure can add space and value onto your property providing it is done correctly. This article covers a few hints and tips provided by IGLU on how to plan for your bespoke glass structure.


The location is one of the most important aspects of planning your new building.

Before a location is decided you need to think about why you want a glass structure and what it will be used for. This decision will effect the location, for example if you plan to use it as a dining room then you will want it to be located close to the kitchen instead of over the other side of the house.


Planning applications and building regulations may also be a deciding factor on the location of your bespoke glass structure. These factors will all depend on size and age of your property, location and the opinion of your neighbours.


Bespoke Architectural designers

There are a multitude of companies which offer a bespoke conservatory design service it’s just knowing which one to choose. Don’t be afraid to get quotes from lots of companies. The architectural designers should listen to your needs and requirements as well as being able to advice and suggest  different ideas for your glass structure.

Don’t forget to ask lots of questions about your proposed new building.


The benefits of having a bespoke glass structure is that it is designed specifically to suit you. It is unique and has additional features to suit your property and lifestyle. As it is  bespoke it can be any colour or material that you want and include additional extras such as folding sliding doors, windows and roof vents.

Bespoke Glass structures

Welcome to IGLU... Bespoke Contemporary Building

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